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Merchant Account Cost Analysis Services

A recent survey reported that over 80% of medium to large volume merchants could reduce their merchant account expenses by more than 50%.  Due to the complexity of the discount structure of the various associations and networks and the various reward programs offered by issuing banks, most merchants are unable to determine whether they are paying more than necessary for their merchant services.


For each $1 Million dollars in transaction volume, the average merchant could save between $10,000 to $20,000 from their current rates but most never realize they are paying too much.


We offer Merchant Account Cost Analysis (MACA) Services.  For a small fee, we will analyze your merchant activity over the last twelve months and provide you with a roadmap to renegotiate your rates with your current merchant provider.  Our services are guaranteed and if you are unable to negotiate the rate structure that we recommend, we will negotiate a merchant account with a competitor for you at the rates we recommended.  And our guarantee is simple, you will save ten times our fee in merchant fees within the first year or our services are free.  


As you can see, we stand behind our services.  

For more information about MACA Services, give us a call today.

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