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The Benefits


Our product simplifies the process of collecting payments and that leads to some serious benefits.  For example, consider the following:


The bank handles all of the accounting and manages the treasury.  You save "big time" through reduced accounting, reconcilliation and treasury management costs.

Bank Fees

Bank fees really add up when you process payments.  There are account fees, wire fees, analysis fees and other fees, ad naseum.  Use our product and this problem goes away.

Bank Risk

Banks often tell their money service business clients to pack up and go home.  With our solution, you don't have to worry about your bank shutting down your business.

Regulatory Fees

The cost to be a licensed money transmitter is rather huge. Application fees, annual license fees, bonding fees, location fees, the cost to administer the process of being licensed and don't forget the cost of the annual audits.  Use our solution and this all goes away.

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